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Roland R-88, 8 Kanal Audio Recorder / Mixer

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All in One Recorder, Mixer and Audio Interface - Anytime, Anywhere R-88 The Roland R-88... mehr
Produktinformationen "Roland R-88, 8 Kanal Audio Recorder / Mixer"
All in One Recorder, Mixer and Audio Interface - Anytime, Anywhere

The Roland R-88 establishes a new standard in professional portable recording by providing seamless integration of a recorder, mixer and a multi-channel audio interface. With eight discrete channels of audio recording plus a stereo mix, the R-88 is ideal for demanding multi-channel applications such as location sound design, event production, event videography, and live musical performance.

Surround Field Recording and Monitoring

The surround recording and monitoring workflow consists of a Holophone H2-Pro 7.1 Microphone feeding a Roland R-88 8-channel field recorder which in turn is connected via USB to a PC running a plug-in for DTS Headphone:X technology. Because the Roland R-88 is also an USB audio interface, while it is recording the 7.1 audio data it can simultaneously send all eight channels to a PC for backup recording or in this case, to be further processed using the DTS Headphone:X technology.

Main Features:

-Simultaneous recording of 8 channels + stereo mix (up to 96kHz)
-Up to 24bit/192kHz uncompressed linear PCM recording (up to 4 channels)
-3 hours of recording time using 32GB SDHC card (24bit/96kHz, 10ch)
-8 XLR inputs, 8 XLR outputs, AES/EBU input/output
-Built-in 8 channel mixer with 3-band EQ and MS microphone decoder
-Built-in 10in/8out USB audio interface to use with any common DAW
-Touch Panel Display for intuitive navigation
-SMPTE time code in/out for video sync
-BWF and iXML embedded metadata
-Supported power types – AA batteries, rechargeable Ni-MH battery, AC power, and 4-pin XLR external battery types.

Features in V1.10 Update:

-Polyphonic WAV Function - ability to save 2,4,6 or 8 channels in a single file
-Control the R-88 using MIDI via the Roland UM-ONE mk2 USB MIDI interface - mix with a MIDI-controllable fader unit
-Selectable input delay per channel - adjustable by 0.05 - 20 ms - ideal for surround micing
-Cut-off frequency per channel - adjustable range 60-250Hz
-Sensitivity gain and headphone boost functions
-Expanded footswitch parameters

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