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Zacuto Z-M-AEM Axis Mini - 0
ZACUTO Axis Mini
The Axis Mini is the most adjustable ENG style mount for rosette mounted EVFs, giving you full 360º motion with four adjustment points. Designed to attach to the top of your camera set up, it leaves plenty of room at the lens for...
318,00 € *
Zacuto Z-AQR Quad Rail - 0
ZACUTO Quad Rail
The Quad Rail is an optional extension to the Axis Mini. Use it to adapt the Axis Mini arm for a ¼" 20 mounted EVF like our Z-Finder EVF Pro or other small monitor. The Quad Rail attaches to the Axis Mini via a rosette. The Quad Rail...
106,00 € *
Zacuto Z-FIND-C1P C100 Z-Finder Plus - 0
ZACUTO C100 Z-Finder Plus
The C100 Z-Finder Plus is an optical viewfinder, specifically designed to attach to the Canon C100 camera LCD. This Z-Finder will magnify the LCD screen by 1.8x and has a diopter for specific focus tuning. It cuts out any extraneous...
420,00 € *
Zacuto Z-C1FB C100 Z-Finder Bracket - 0
ZACUTO C100 Z-Finder Bracket
The C100 Z-Finder Bracket is an included accessory for the C100 C100 Z-Finder Plus. It can also compatible with the C100 Z-Finder Pro and can be used as a standalone bracket to add accessory mounting points to the Canon C100 camera. This...
136,00 € *
Zacuto Z-VCT Universal VCT Baseplate - 0
ZACUTO Universal VCT Baseplate
The VCT Universal baseplate is compatible with all cameras including Canon C100, C100 MKii, C300 & C500, Sony F5, FS7 & F55, AJA CION, BlackMagic, EPIC, Arri Alexa, DSLRs, Mirrorless and more. The VCT Universal has a built-in, curved...
432,00 € *
Zacuto Z-SF5TPH Sony F5/F55 Top Plate - 0
ZACUTO Sony F5/F55 Top Plate
The F5/F55 Top Plate attaches to the top of your camera and allows infinite mounting options for your accessories. It includes a 5” Z-Rail, Recoil Handle, 15mm Z-Lock and a 4.5” female/female rod. The Top Plate attaches to your Sony...
612,00 € *
Zacuto Z-QRR QR Riser - 0
The QR Riser raises your camera to a height compatible with matteboxes. Supports DSLRs and other cameras with low-lens positioning relative to the camera body (eg, Sony FS700.). Also provides a quick-release for your camera. Includes...
100,00 € *
Zacuto Z-HCR Half Cage Rail - 0
ZACUTO Half Cage Rail
The Halfcage Rail attaches to the Zacuto VCT Universal baseplate. It creates a solid, universal cage structure around the side and top of your camera rig and is adjustable to work with all camera shapes and sizes. It creates great...
358,00 € *
Zacuto Z-SER Sony EVF Recoil - 0
Zacuto Sony EVF Recoil
The Sony EVF Recoil shoulder-mounted rig includes our VCT Universal baseplate, a handgrip and our F5/F55 specific top plate with a wide array of accessory mounting options. It is compatible with the Sony F5 and F55. This is a Next...
1.250,00 € *
Zacuto Z-DOCR Docu Recoil - 0
Zacuto Docu Recoil
The Docu Recoil rig is universal for all cameras including mirrorless and DSLRs. This simple, lightweight rig places your camera comfortably on your shoulder and provides a sturdy articulating handgrip. This is a Next Generation Recoil...
820,00 € *
Zacuto Z-CINR Indie Recoil - 0
Zacuto Indie Recoil
The Indie Recoil rig is universal for all cameras including mirrorless and DSLRs. It includes our Halfcage Rail and Recoil Handle for a sturdy top and side grip. This rig is perfect for those who already own the Zacuto EVF. This is a...
1.380,00 € *
Zacuto Z-C100ER C100 EVF Recoil - 0
Zacuto C100 EVF Recoil
The shoulder-mounted C100 EVF Recoil includes our VCT Universal baseplate and a C100 Z-Finder Bracket that attaches to the C100 camera handle to provide multiple secure accessory mounts. Our Grip Relocator positions camera control at a...
1.100,00 € *
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