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Each prompter comes with high quality glass - Glass doesn't scratch easily, but does break... mehr
Produktinformationen "Prompter People ProLine iPad Teleprompter"
Each prompter comes with high quality glass - Glass doesn't scratch easily, but does break easily. Configurable Option - iPad: - You may select either just an iPad cradle (supports iPad 1 or 2), or a cradle plus an iPad. If your order includes an iPad: - Delivery of your order may take extra time depending on our stock levels. - The iPad may only be returned for service to Apple, all warranties for the iPad are through Apple, an Apple Care plan is not included but may be purchased directly from Apple. - Should you need to return your Teleprompter to us, please do not include the iPad. If a refund is applicable it will exclude the iPad cost. - Support for apps purchased through the Apple app store are provided through the support links for each app. - Prompter People is directly authorized by Apple to sell you this product in combination with a Teleprompter Order. - Prompter People does not sell iPads without a Teleprompter

iPad and Apple are Trademarks of Apple Inc. and are used with permission.

    Supports any camera size MiniDV to ENG, and even DSLR Cameras
    Adjustable beamsplitter height/angle adjustment
    Folds flat for safe, compact transport
    Easily readable to over 12 feet
    Fast, easy setup
    Software is not included, however a variety of apps are available at the Apple™ AppStore
    Upgradable to standard ProLine-11 Teleprompter
    Perfect balance with any camera
    Premium HD 60/40 glass beamsplitter, Optional Acrylic Model
    Rear antireflection coating
    Completely toolless setup
    Lightweight aluminum extrusion frames
    Easy top side camera adjustment
    3 year warranty on hardware

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