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The Shape Composite Grip Camera Support is a hand-held professional camera support device that... mehr
Produktinformationen "Shape COMPOGRIP COMPOSITE GRIP"
The Shape Composite Grip Camera Support is a hand-held professional camera support device that attaches the camera to the platform through a 4.5" (11.5cm) slot.

Equipped with a Paparrazi riser that can be placed either parallel or perpendicular to the camera support, the Composite Grip Camera Support allows you to raise the camera directly above the camera support or offset it to the right or the left. The Paparazzi Riser features a variety of threaded holes (1/4-20 and 3/8-16) - one located on the base is used to attach the riser onto a camera support, while the threaded holes in the front and rear of the Paparazzi Riser are used to attach various accessories like a sliding rod block.

With a camera base of 2", the Paparrazi riser can be used to attach a small video camera or a DSLR with video capability and is compatible with the Cameleon camera support. Made of aluminum and built using CNC machines, the riser is hard anodized for a resistant finish.

A 15mm rod system (not included) extends the reach of the Spider 1, and when not in use it can be removed using a 4mm hexagonal key. Using a quick-release plate (not included), you can attach the Composite Grip to any standard tripods. In addition, the Shape Box (not included) can be attached to the Back Pad above or below the camera platform.

The Quick Handle features 2 handles that can rotate individually (360°), and with a simple push of a button the hands can be rotated, and by releasing the button the handles will be secured firmly in place. The Composite Grip support system also includes a Back Pad, which can be positioned easily and adds stability and comfort to the Shoulder Rig.
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