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Slidekamera X-HEAD 2D Remote Controlled Head

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Set includes AC adapter. Possible X-HEAD power supply: -external battery (Slidekamera AF-7 power... mehr
Produktinformationen "Slidekamera X-HEAD 2D Remote Controlled Head"
Set includes AC adapter.
Possible X-HEAD power supply:
-external battery (Slidekamera AF-7 power pack)

3/8" hole in the head base allows to mount it on other devices equipped with 3/8" screw, such as camera cranes, tripods. Four ⌀4,2mm holes (Manfrotto spacing) allow to mount X-HEAD head directly on Slidekamera 75/100mm half ball equipped with four M4 holes.

X-HEAD comes with EXPLORER transport case with foam insert.

Wireless control using free app for iOS.

The apps are constantly being developed and will be available for download soon:

-App for iOS (III quarter of 2015)

App features:


Basic features of the X-HEAD controller

-intuitive controls - speed of the rotation is linearly proportional to the joystick deflection
-wide range of speeds that can be changed very smoothly
-rotation direction can be changed for each axis separately
-smooth regulation of gentle start/ stop
-possibility to disable the gentle start
-3 memory banks to store and playback motion trajectory ( Bank1 - 3min 20s, Banks 2 and 3 – 1min 40s)
-possibility to playback the recorded motion from the saved starting point
-smooth change of speed of the playbacked trajectory

Set includes

-X-HEAD remote controlled head
-X-HEAD controller
-steering cable: 5 meters
-1/4" camera head screw
-3/8" camera head screw
-AC adapter
-EXPLORER transport case with foam insert
-user manual
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