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ARRI M8 High Speed Set - mit ALF, CCL, DMX (International), L0.37200HS

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  • 9ARL037200HS
The M8 is the latest and smallest lighting fixture in ARRI’s highly successful M-Series of HMI... mehr
Produktinformationen "ARRI M8 High Speed Set - mit ALF, CCL, DMX (International), L0.37200HS"
The M8 is the latest and smallest lighting fixture in ARRI’s highly successful M-Series of HMI lampheads

- Lensless MAX Technology: easy to use
- Light output comparable to 1,200 W fixture
- Smallest lamphead with MAX reflector

- Highly mobile for a wide range of uses

- Fo
cusable between 14.7° and 62°

- Cross cooling allows safe operation even at 90° tilt

- Uses existing 245 mm / 230 mm accessories of ARRI TRUE BLUE D12 & Chimera

- Uses existing 575/1,200/1,800 W cables

- Possibility to operate at 1,000 Hz

- Protection class IP23
- Tilt locks to hold heavy accessories stable

Set consisting of:
Lamphead M8 L1.37200 B
Spillring L2.37207.0
Barndoor L2.39870.0
Cable L.2.75600.0
Ballast 575W/800W High Speed 1000Hz L2.76184 KH

“Punches above it’s weight”

The M8 is the latest and smallest lighting fixture in ARRI’s highly successful M-Series of HMI lampheads. Like the rest of the M-Series, the M8 is equipped with MAX Technology, a unique, patented reflector design that unifies the advantages of a Fresnel and a PAR fixture.

With the M8 at one end and the ARRIMAX 18/12at the other, the M-Series is now complete. Comprising five state-of-the-art lampheads that between them offer a range of nine evenly-staggered wattage options from 800 W up to 18,000 W, the M-Series represents a comprehensive daylight toolset of the highest quality.

The combination of an open face design and the unrivalled efficiency of the MAX reflector makes the M8 exceptionally bright; in fact, the light output produced by its 800 W lamp comes close to the output from a 1,200 W Fresnel or PAR (with lens). The unit can be focused between 15° and 62° just by turning the focus knob, producing a remarkably even light field and a crisp, clear shadow. By eliminating the need for bulky, easily breakable spread lenses, the M8 will speed up workflows on set.

Portable and Versatile

Lightweight and compact, the M8 is highly portable and ideal for a wide range of different uses. From cramped, inaccessible locations to feature film sound stages, the M8 will be equally at home and equally useful whether the production is a run-and-gun interview, a fast-moving documentary, a television series or a major movie.

Accessories Compatibility

The M8 has the same 245/230 mm accessory diameter as the current ARRI True Blue D12 fixture, so existing barndoors, scrims and Chimeras can also be used, held securely in place by the M8’s powerful tilt lock. In addition, the M8 can be used with existing 575 W, 1,200 W or 1,800 W cables with international connector (VEAM).

Cross Cooling

Like many other ARRI lampheads, the M8 incorporates a cross cooling system that allows safe operation even at extreme tilt angles. The electronics housing is spaced apart from the actual lamp housing to keep temperatures down and prolong the lifetime of electronic components. The M8 is easy to open and therefore easy to maintain.

Weather Resistance

For outdoor use the M8’s IP23 protection class rating allows the lamphead to withstand rough weather conditions, even driving rain.

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