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SWIT S-8M91, 32Wh Sony QM Battery

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  • 9SWS-8M91
S-8M91 is the replacement battery for SONY QM-91D, compatible with SONY HVR-A1E and DSR-PDX10.... mehr
Produktinformationen "SWIT S-8M91, 32Wh Sony QM Battery"

S-8M91 is the replacement battery for SONY QM-91D, compatible with SONY HVR-A1E and DSR-PDX10.
S-8M91 can exchange digital info with the cameras, and display remaining power info on the camera viewfinder.

: Li-Ion
Power : 32Wh
Dimensions : 56×38×60mm
Weight : 0,22kg
Output: 30W / 4,0A

Specials :
Li-ion battery pack of 7.2V nominal voltage
Comparable to SONY M series DV batteries
Display remaining power info on camera viewfinder
Multiple circuit protections

With 7.2V nominal voltage, the S-8M91 has 32Wh / 4.5Ah capacity,
and can run approx 5.5 hours on SONY HVR-A1 camcorder when
LCD monitor is on.

The S-8M91 can be charged on SWIT Dual channel charger S-3602M.
It takes about 3 hours to charge from empty to 100%.

The battery has an MCU to measure and record the real time data,
and will cut off power when over-voltage, under-voltage,
over-current, high-temperature of low-temperature is detected.
Meanwhile, the battery housing adopts high-impact ABS material,
with waist design and non-slip tread for secure handling.

After the batteries are used for a period of time,
the cells voltage might get difference, and our specially designed circuit can
optimize the imbalanced cells, to prolong the battery life.

Guarantee : 2 years
Taric : 8507600090
Country of Origin : China

DV Battery: Sony
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