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Hawk Woods HC-1, Hot-Clamp Snap-On Camera Handle - 0 Hawk Woods HC-1, Hot-Clamp ‘Snap-On’ Camera Handle
The HC-1 'Hot-Clamp' is a single hot-shoe adaptor designed to conveniently clamp on to the handle of most cameras. With a simple clip feature, the lightweight and robust Hot-Clamp allows the user to mount an additional piece of on-board...
19,60 € *
Hawk Woods DC-5D1, Power-Con 2-pin (male) - Canon 5D 45cm 8V - 0 Hawk-Woods DC-5D1, Canon 5D / 7D Battery Dummy
 The DC-5D1 just needs to be plugged into a D-Tap power socket on a suitable battery fitting, like our DC-CA5 Canon Power Boxes. The dummy battery contains an 8.4V regulator, so is compatible with any output distributing 10-20V...
106,40 € *
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