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Video Devices PIX-CADDY2 2,5" SSD Adapter; FW 800, USB3.0, eSATAp - 0 Sound Devices PIX-CADDY2,...
The PIX-CADDY 2 provides a solid, removable connection for 2.5-inch solid-state drives (SSD) (not included) to attach to the PIX 220(i), PIX 240(i) and PIX 260i video recorders. Once secured to the caddy, SSD drives are quickly inserted...
270,00 € *
Video Devices PIX-RACK 19" Einbau-Kit für PIX 270i, PIX 250i und PIX-DRIVEBAY - 0 Sound Devices PIX-RACK, 19-Zoll-Einbaukit
Rack-Mount kit for PIX Rack-Mount Video Recorders and 970 Audio Recorders. Accommodates up to two PIX 250i, PIX 260i and PIX 270i Recorders. Includes a blank panel for mounting a single unit. 2 RU height.
175,00 € *
Video Devices PIX-SSD6 240GB SSD - 0 Sound Devices PIX-SSD6, 240GB SSD
2.5" SSD (SATA III) approved for use with the PIX 220(i), PIX 240(i), PIX 250i, PIX 260i and PIX 270i Video Recorders. 240 GB capacity. Pre-formatted exFAT.
349,00 € *
Ambient XL-BNC-AR Timecode BNC / BNC; ca. 60 cm - 0 Ambient XL-BNC-AR, Timecode BNC auf BNC; ca. 40 cm
BNC-to-BNC cable for digital connection of AES3id and word clock signals; 25-inch.
34,00 € *
Ambient XL-LX-AR Timecode IN/OUT: Lemo-5 / XLR3-M und XLR3-F - 0 Ambient XL-LX-AR, Timecode IN/OUT: Lemo-5 auf...
LEMO®-5 to XLR-M and XLR-F cable for timecode jamming of audio and video equipment with XLR connectors; for SMTPE timecode; 25-inch to XLR-M, 14-inch to XLR-F
66,00 € *
Video Devices PIX-CADDY CF CompactFlash Caddy interface - 0 Sound Devices PIX-CADDY CF - CompactFlash-Caddy
The PIX-CADDY CF is a CompactFlash interface for the PIX 250i, , PIX 260i, PIX 270i and PIX-DOCK.
359,00 € *
Video Devices PIX-SHIM 2 Abstandshalter für Samsung & Intel SSD, 4 Stck. - 0 Sound Devices PIX-SHIM 2 - Abstandshalter für...
Assorted shims for use with solid state drives. Includes shims for use with approved Samsung, Intel, and other 7 mm drives. Increases SSD thickness from 7 mm to 9 mm making them mechanically compatible with the PIX 220(i), PIX240(i), PIX...
30,00 € *
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